• Amazon Web Services

    Across industries, organizations are racing to the cloud. Are you leading the charge – or falling behind?

    Reimagine Your Business at Cloud Speed?

    Organization want top-tier performance to drive growth. Capgemini takes time to understand your entire business and strategy, not just your IT systems. Our close relationship with AWS allows us to work end-to-end as a seamless, integrated team. We collaborate closely to ensure flawless execution.

    Optimizing Your Cloud with Capgemini and AWS

    Capgemini and AWS don’t simply place your existing infrastructure in the cloud. We help you embrace the “as-a-service” economy to transform your business and achieve new levels of success.

    Capgemini’s robust team of AWS-trained consultants and architects know how to optimize your migrated workloads and cloud-native applications on AWS. We can offer an all-in-one package of cloud hosting, industry-specific solutions, ongoing management, and continual improvement. Our cohesive, end-to-end solutions enable you to leverage AWS technologies and methodologies and realize the full value of the AWS Cloud.

    Capgemini boasts a proven ability to migrate and optimize workloads in the AWS cloud. Industry leaders such as GE Oil & Gas,?Broad Green Pictures,?ABN AMRO, Telenor Connexion and?Gas Natural?are experiencing firsthand the business agility, business-model flexibility, and operational efficiency enabled by Capgemini and AWS

    A Lasting Relationship

    With more than 7,500 successful cloud projects and 25 active customer references together with AWS we can help you define your requirements, create network architecture and an execution plan, and build cloud-native solutions on AWS; modernize your applications; and modernize your DevOps and SecOps.

    Key facts:

    • Premier Consulting Partner since 2012
    • Leading Technology combined with depth and breadth of services
    • 270,000 Capgemini team members in 40+ countries
    • 3,000+ certifications worldwide (Associate & Professional)
    • Capgemini has six competencies with AWS in the following fields:
      • SAP Consulting
      • Migration Consulting
      • Financial Services Consulting
      • Industrial Software Consulting
      • Travel and Hospitality Consulting
      • Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting
    • AWS Well Architected Partner

    economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM)

    economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM)

    Digital transformation is a burning priority for enterprises everywhere. eAPM is our approach...

    Featured Testimonials

    Don Walker, CIO, Louisiana Pacific

    We expect to save more than $5 million over the next five years while enhancing the services that were being delivered previously.

    Using AWS AI to identify & track sperm whale populations

    Working with Lisa Steiner, Capgemini and AWS develop a new, self-learning AI solution that can more effectively identify matches between images of sperm whale tails and make it easier to draw a picture of migration going back decades

    Meet our experts

    Nico Steenkamp

    I am responsible for expanding the global relationship with our Cloud Platform partners, focusing on Amazon Web Services and Google. Working jointly with these partners, I lead the creation of global solutions and go-to-market strategies.

    Charlie Li

    I work with enterprise clients across North America on all stages of cloud adoption and transformation, from forming a strategy and roadmap, to migrating applications, cloud-native development and public cloud managed services.

    Jason Hatch

    Expert in Cloud Assessment, Cloud strategy

    Luke Harrigan

    I am a cloud expert be it public, private or hybrid. I work with clients from across the globe and ensure they have the right solution for their business. With my varied background ranging from programming to service delivery. I often bring a different view that although focuses on technology also supports our clients business need for accelerated delivery.

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