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    Harnessing Data & AI for a stronger tomorrow

    In a world where change happens in a split second, organizations of today and tomorrow must master the art of balancing business transformation with operational excellence and cost reduction to protect their market leadership and safeguard their workforce.

    To do this, they need to work out how to limit business disruption now, then stabilize and get back to business faster, all the while striving to realize a new normal. In this context, Data, Analytics and AI are core enablers to support you with your business challenges. Our Resilient Enterprise solutions can help you to navigate your new reality enhancing performance, adapting your supply chain, and enabling you to better address new customers’ demands and constraints.?

    The key to success lies with trusted AI solutions infused in all business?operations at scale, powered by data activated at the core of the?organization, its processes, and its culture.??

    Now more than ever, by basing mission-critical decisions on trusted data?and AI instead of intuition, organizations can successfully respond to the?current COVID-19 crisis, restore their operations, and relaunch their?business in a resilient and sustainable way. Capgemini helps clients master their new reality with activated data.?

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    Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 2

    21 Compelling Innovation Articles on?Autonomous Systems, Data Ecosystems, Sustainable AI,...

    890 by Capgemini

    Introducing 890 by Capgemini. Data-powered decisions, delivered with confidence.

    Data sharing masters

    How smart organizations use data ecosystems to gain an unbeatable competitive edge

    The data-powered enterprise

    Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery

    Using AI to protect whales

    Working with Lisa Steiner, Capgemini and AWS develop a new, self-learning AI solution that...

    890 by Capgemini

    890 by Capgemini

    Introducing 890 by Capgemini. Data-powered decisions, delivered with confidence.

    Cognitive Document Processing

    Cognitive Document Processing

    Capgemini’s Cognitive Document Processing (CDP) platform reduces the cost, effort, and...

    Customer Value Analytics

    Customer Value Analytics

    Customer Value Analytics is about turning data into insights, into decisions, into business...

    Fraud Analytics

    Fraud Analytics

    Capgemini’s Fraud solution helps organizations fight fraud, protect revenues, avoid leakages...

    Insight-driven Transformation

    Insight-driven Transformation

    Many companies are struggling to get full value from their data, or obtain insights that...

    Operational Analytics

    Operational Analytics

    The demand for organizations to respond faster and with greater insights to ever changing...

    Perform AI

    Perform AI

    Renewable Insights: the future of data and analytics with SAP

    Renewable Insights: the future of data and analytics with SAP

    Ensuring companies maximize value by establishing a data-driven enterprise.

    SMART Solutions – Enterprise Analytics

    SMART Solutions – Enterprise Analytics

    Generate meaningful insights for business users to diagnose issues, predict outcomes, prevent...

    Analyst Recognitions

    Capgemini named as a leader in IDC MarketScape 2020

    Capgemini is proud to be named as a leader in IDC MarketScape vendor assessment for Business...

    Meet our I&D Experts

    Zhiwei Jiang

    CEO, Insights & Data Global Business Line Expert in Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Warehousing

    Ron Tolido

    Executive Vice President, Global CTO – Insights & Data. Certified Master Architect. Member of the Group Technology & Innovation Council. Lead author of TechnoVision. Executive lecturer at TIAS Business School.

    Anne-Laure Thieullent

    Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Group Offer Leader

    Marc Chemin

    Expert in Big Data and Data Science

    Steve Jones

    Global Vice President – Big Data

    Blogs from our Experts

    Leading the way to a data-powered future

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    Three in five organizations only participate in low-collaboration data exchanges. But,...

    7 business lessons from AI at the edge

    Yes, close to the edge is where the exciting things happen. Just look at how AI brings...

    Ethical AI – Decoded in 7 Principles

    Consider developing AI mindful of each stakeholder to benefit the environment and all present...

    Perform AI: Leading in Action

    To get the best business outcomes from data and AI, you have to constantly learn and share...

    How to become part of the data-powered magic

    Proud to announce that Capgemini has been named a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for...

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