• Introducing our sustainability framework

    We help organizations accelerate their net zero transformation from commitment to sustainable achievements. We’re ready to be the architects and orchestrators of your sustainable future.

    We’ve designed our sustainability framework to empower and support you, helping you to speed up each stage of your net zero journey. There are three stages to the journey: commit, act, monitor and report. First, we support you to make a commitment to initiate your net zero strategy and design related transformation pathway, including business model adaptation. Second, we help you take action to design sustainable products and services, and implement sustainable operations and IT. And third, we enable you to monitor and report, generating insights and analyzing data to continually adjust your net zero strategy and transformation.


    “We are committed to partnering on your climate transition, helping you re-invent your organization to create enduring sustainable value and impact”– Cyril Garcia, GEB member and Capgemini Group Sustainability sponsor


    What we offer


    • Net zero strategy and new business models - Define your strategy by evaluating your current state, creating net zero ambitions and a bespoke roadmap based on optimum levers, including new business models for the next economy, while engaging all stakeholders to shape a universal, sustainable future.


    • Sustainable products and services - Embrace sustainable product and service design to create a revitalized, relevant portfolio. Manage your brand, while crafting sustainable experiences, activations, and operations to drive sustainable growth.
    • Sustainable operations and supply chain - Create a vision for end-to-end sustainable operations, decarbonizing procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and enabling closed-loop supply chain and scaling new circular economy business models.
    • Sustainable IT - Apply an environment-focused approach across the enterprise IT landscape. Set a sustainable IT strategy to reduce the environmental impact of your IT, implement innovative, sustainable solutions, and inspire your people.


    • Data for net zero strategy - Enable and scale sustainable transformation by leveraging reliable data. Create a coherent strategy, harnessing data to transform your value chains, scaling up data and embracing AI to power sustainable actions.

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