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    Harness the cloud to accelerate transformation, safely.

    Digital disruption has come to companies of all types and sizes, in every industry. But what separates those who are doing the “disrupting” and gaining new business advantages—from those who are being “disrupted” and falling behind?

    It comes down to your ability to execute the transformation strategy you have conceived. Whether you are accelerating your move to cloud services, radically improving the end user experience to enable enterprise mobility in a digital workplace, creating new capabilities and economies through service integration, or exploring innovative ways of working and collaborating, the success of your transformation agenda determines your ability to exploit the opportunities of the digital age.

    A smarter, faster, safer, integrated approach

    Capgemini’s portfolio of Infrastructure services includes a full spectrum of? Cloud/Data Services, End User Services/ End User Computing, Service Integration offerings, and Cybersecurity Services—and all services are designed to work in combination with each other, not just separately. Our unique approach to Infrastructure Services connects solutions, services and suppliers to implement integrated solutions across the IT supply chain. Capgemini is the one partner that puts it all together so you can boldly accelerate your transformation journey—confidently.

    Why Choose Capgemini Cloud Infrastructure Services?

    Thought Leadership and Blogs

    Boosting cybersecurity immunity

    Confronting cybersecurity risks in today’s work-from-home world

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    Client Stories

    Capgemini Cloud Platform

    Capgemini Cloud Platform

    Elevate your cloud strategy!

    Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Shift to a cloud-first core. Get ahead. Stay ahead.

    Data Center Transformation

    Data Center Transformation

    The complexity of today’s data centers is overwhelming. Everything is changing at the same...

    Remote Infrastructure Management

    Remote Infrastructure Management

    Reducing IT spending is key to global competitiveness. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)...

    Storage Resource Optimization

    Storage Resource Optimization

    Companies’ IT storage expenditure often balloons as their IT storage environment increases in...

    Storage Resource Optimization Assessment

    Storage Resource Optimization Assessment

    Data growth has become an enormous challenge for companies large and small. How can...

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    Talk to our experts

    Gunnar Menzel

    Expert in Innovation, Technical Delivery, Transformation

    Jon Harriman

    Over 15 years of experience in Microsoft technologies. Head of Cloud Infrastructure Services portfolio specializes in Workplace, Mobility and Collaboration Services.

    Geert van der Linden

    Expert in Cybersecurity Consulting, Service Offerings, Strategy.

    Luke Harrigan

    I am a cloud expert be it public, private or hybrid. I work with clients from across the globe and ensure they have the right solution for their business. With my varied background ranging from programming to service delivery. I often bring a different view that although focuses on technology also supports our clients business need for accelerated delivery.

    Vincent Charpiot

    Expert in Cloud Transformation Services, Sales Strategy and Business Development

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